Boulder Infrared Thermography

Infrared Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging is used to locate anomalies through differences in apparent temperatures, analyze the patterns, and document the issues.

The IR image shows accurate evidence of a defect that can’t be fully captured with the digital camera.

Infrared Home Inspections

Help locate hard to find:

  • Leaky Roofs
  • Moisture in Ceilings or Walls
  • Radiant Flooring Leaks/Cold Spots
  • Tile or Shower Basin Leaks
  • Attic hotpots or cold spots
  • Electrical Overloads in Circuits/Breakers
  • Insulation Deficiencies in Ceilings/Walls
  • Random heating or cooling anomalies
  • Ice Dams

Take your inspections to another level, literally.  With Infrared images that can help show temperature changes in materials, we can help find water and air leaks deficiencies in insulation, overloaded circuitry, and much more.  As long as there is a temperature difference we will be able to see it.  With side by side images you will see the heat exchange image and a static image of the exact location.

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  • TH45 Introduction to Thermography for Home Inspectors
  • SW20 Introduction to FLIR Reporter 8 Software
  • IR60 – FLIR Ex Series Basics
  • IR00 Introduction to IR Camera Operation
Certified Infrard Home Inspections

Bring your Inspection to another level, find troubled areas by using the latest technology that helps detect areas that are hidden from the naked eye.

IR Thermal Imaging
Lights hidden in Insulation

Locate lights and hot objects in insulation

IR Imaging of Heating Vents
Looking for Vents in Ceilings

HVAC Ducts in Ceiling

Infrared Electrical Circuits

Electrical Current in Circuit Breaker

Infrared Electrical Circuits

Radiant Heat Flooring