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Sewer Scoping

We work with several Sewer Scoping Companys and can schedule the same day. Let us know what would work best for you.

Would you like to know what condition your property is in before you buy it?  A home inspection will evaluate the components and systems of a home and give you a detailed report of its condition. A good home inspection report should indicate any safety concerns, material or marginal repair areas, and a list of all things inspected that the home inspector could find.

Our home inspection costs start at about $350 for a 2000sq ft home and the property inspection usually takes about 3.5 hours.  The cost may increase depending upon size of home, ancillary services needed, availability of inspectors and distance traveled to the property.

In most cases the inspection can pay for itself discovering any material or marginal components that they find.  Bringing these areas of concern to you attention and pointing out key areas of what your are buying and what potential costs may arise once you are the new owner.

What can a certified home inspection can do for you?

  • Determine the overall condition of the systems and components that exist in your new home.
  • Point out some of the Safety concerns that may exist in the home.
  • Point out any Material and Marginal areas of the home.
  • Document Appliances/HVAC Systems
  • Piece of Mind.
  • Ability to plan for upcoming home maintenance or repair costs.
  • Provides the comfort of an unbiased 3rd party opinion.