Get your home back on track with a Home Maintenance Plan

Spring is an excellent time to evaluate your homes condition and set your maintenance goals for the year. The damaging effects of winter weather including wind, hail, rain, ice, snow and vegetation can take their tolls on the home.  By locating, repairing or replacing these items you can look after your investment.

We encourage you to walk your property with us so we can point out key areas.  Our Home Maintenance Plan will include recommended items, safety items, small and large projects that may lead to larger issues if unattended to.

Recommended Items – is a list of issues that should be repaired or replaced as soon as possible and require immediate attention.

Safety Items – issues that have an immediate safety concern and should be delt with as soon as possible.

Small & Large Projects – These can range from 1-2 day projects to hiring professionals to evaluate to determine the best course of action to mitigate.

  • Exterior Grading

  • Foundation Walls | Crawlspaces

  • Fireplaces | Chimneys

  • Gutters | Down Spouts

  • Heating | Cooling

  • Plumbing | Faucets

  • Roofing

  • Decks | Patios | Porches

  • Safety Equipment CO2 and Fire Alarms

  • Windows |  Doors