Bring a backpack – Make sure you have things ready to go.  Some things you may want to bring are:

  • Any documents that may point out property details
  • Notepad – to keep track of details, questions, areas of interest, list of improvements
  • Camera – A picture says a thousand words.  Photograph everything.
  • Previous inspection summaries or repaired items/home modifications
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Cellphone and Charger
  • Good Flashlight, Headlamp, Both
  • Water.Snacks
  • Jacket

How much time will it take?

  • Most home inspections fall withing 3-4 hours but can take longer with ancillary inspection items.
  • The time you actually spend on the property is up to you.  I would recommend joining your inspector throughout most of the inspection.


Are there areas of the home that you have questions about?

  • Write them down before the inspection and let your inspector know ahead of time.
  • Is there an HOA or other association that the house is part of.


Top 10 things to look for:

Property Drainage and Landscaping
Roof and Roof Drainage
Balconies | Porches | Decks
HVAC Systems
Electrical Panel
Plumbing, Drainage