Home Inspection Checklist

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Bring a backpack - Make sure you have things ready to go.  Some things you may want to bring are: Any documents that may point out property details Notepad - to keep track of details, questions, areas of interest, list of improvements Camera - A picture says a thousand words.  Photograph everything. Previous inspection summaries

Home Inspections

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CONTACT:  Brett Duryea, Owner 303-6776-8006 brett@boulderhomeinspector.com boulderhomeinspector.com FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE BOULDER, Colo. (January 1, 2018) -- Boulder Home Inspector, LLC is pleased to announce that it is now offering Home Inspections.  With support from InterNACHI® -- the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, our inspections will enable homeowners to receive home inspections that visually inspect

Radon Information

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What is radon? Radon is an odorless, colorless, tasteless radioactive gas that is released when uranium in rocks, soil and water decays. There are no warning signs of radon exposure. Present in very low concentrations in outdoor air, radon concentrates in buildings by entering through cracks in basement concrete, holes around pipes and conduit and/or

Tips for Home Sellers getting ready for a Home Inspection

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As the home seller how do I prepare for a home inspection? Clean the house so that important areas of interest are easily accessible.  These can include, crawlspace, attic access panels,  electrical panels and sub panels, appliances,HVAC Components or under the sinks and basins. Be on time, your home inspector will be and you will

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