As the home seller how do I prepare for a home inspection?
  1. Clean the house so that important areas of interest are easily accessible.  These can include, crawlspace, attic access panels,  electrical panels and sub panels, appliances,HVAC Components or under the sinks and basins.
  2. Be on time, your home inspector will be and you will want to point out any obstacles or operating procedures to him as he arrives.
  3. Leave the utilities connected, keep pilot lights ignited, provide work space around furnace and water heaters.
  4. Leave keys or combinations for outbuildings and electrical boxes, sub panels or access panels
  5. Provide access to attic and garage.
  6. Clear away brush from exterior inspection areas such as siding, air conditioning units, pillars, walkways, paths, roof or eves.
  7. Try and schedule a time for the inspection when you can be out of the house, allowing the inspector and buyer the opportunity to freely ask questions without feeling uncomfortable.
  8. Allow 3-4 hours or so to complete an inspection so make any pet arrangements necessary.
  9. If there are any remodeling projects, upgrades, repairs or issues that have occurred recently please provide any relevant documentation.
  10. Your inspector will run your appliances as long as they are operational, please make sure they are operational.